If you wish to help...

Funding for our research project is very scarce, and we are often forced to use our own money to cover expenses for logistics and equipment. Hence, any kind of contribution is mostly welcome. Anybody who'd like to contribute to the research funding should contact Filippo Galimberti.

List of contributors

Carla and Alberto Galimberti (financial support)

Guido Galimberti (financial support)

Earthwatch Institute (financial support, field volunteers)

Sea Lion Island Company and Strachan Visick Ltd. (finacial support)

Prof. Luigi Boitani, Dept. of Animal Biology, University of Rome "La Sapienza" (GPS receivers; PIT tags and readers)

COL. EN. S.r.l. (design and production of weighing trypod)

Mr. Luigi Bianchi, MARCONE e BIANCHI S.r.l. (design and production of biopsy heads for skin sampling)

Mr. G. Sanelli, GREAT ESCAPES - CAL S.p.a. (technical clothing)

Mr. Biondi, C.A.M.I. Paviglianiti S.r.l. (dynamometers)

Mr. Richard F. Gantt, II (financial support)

Miss Kathi Merrit (financial support)


We wish to thank: Carla and Alberto Galimberti for their long-lasting support of our researches on seals and sea lions; Roberto Sanvito for his advice on many different technical problems of the research; prof. Luigi Boitani of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" for his assistance during the first phase of our research on elephant seals; the Falkland Islands Government for letting us carry out our research in the Falklands; the Environmental Planning Department of FIG for the granting of research permits; the Falkland Islands Development Corporation for letting us do the field work on Sea Lion Island; the staff of Sea Lion Lodge for help friendship. A special thanks is due to the late David Gray for his invaluable help during the first years of the research. Also, a special thanks is due to the managers of Sea Lion Lodge, Jenny Luxton, Carol Peck and Micky Reeves for their support of our research. Many people provided information about elephant seals presence in the Falklands: we thank them all. Last but not least, we wish to thank the elephant seals of Sea Lion Island, without their contribution nothing of this would have been possible.