Drones: intro

2019 report

The Elephant Seal Research Group is using drones to support environmental research and monitoring. Being strinctly limited in funding, we are currently using twosemi-professional drones by DJI, a Phantom 3 and a Mavic. Although they are somehow limited in theor capabilities, it is pretty easy to fly them, and they have rather good cameras, so they can provide high resolution pictures and videos.

We are using our drones for various goals, including studying elephant seals and killer whales, count marine birds and map their colonies, study landscape changes, and carry out general mapping of Sea Lion Island habitats and natural resources.


Cormorant colony

The main Sea Lion Island cormorant colony from the drone


Killer whales from the drone

Killer whales from the drone


Ponds from the air

Four Sea Lion Island ponds from the drone, to study changes in water level

Counts of wildlife

Seal spatial distribution and 3D modelling

Habitat and landscape

Mapping: orthophotos and DEMS



For more information please contact us by email at fil_esrg@eleseal.org. Thank you for your interest in our research projects !